Drooping / sheered prints

Hi Guys,

I got my printer the other day and did my first prints, the butterfly looked fine so I decided to print the ‘Rook’ Chess piece … being my second print I let the software orient and produce supports (internal as well) on default settings for clear 0.1 … it looked OK at first but then I notice the whole piece was slightly sheered to one side … looking at the support points it was down with the gravity of the print.  I then printed a copy  perpendicular to the plate (or upside down) … the spiral shown some pinkness to it but it printed fine.

The skew is subtle, but when compared to a straight copy obvious, it is maybe 1mm shorter and I’d say 3-4 degrees skewed … I’d take a photo but I only have a older mobile camera and is just doesn’t convey the problem.

So is this expected normal? Can this be avoided as in many cases the model has to be printed with angled supports? If this was a mechanical piece  a strut, rail or beam it would not be usable.

… EDIT: actually it just occurred to me perhaps the ‘straight’ print is stretched down also but as it is along the axis it is more difficult to see … will need to get my hand s on some calipers.

Hello Jamie,

Some photos would be very useful to determine the nature of the issues you’re seeing. You may want to dash a note off to our support team, at support@formlabs.com, who will do a more exhaustive run-through with you. It sounds like you’re basically printing well, though. A part like the rook (as you’ve found), can be printed successfully vertically.