Grey Resin 0.025 Rook Print Irregularities

So I just got my unit yesterday. I did a print of the “clip” at 0.1, and it turned out nicely. Though I was disappointed that the “clip” was fused to the body. I used a box cutter to force the “clip” open but damage the material significantly in the process. I snapped the “tail” of the clip clean off. The material is EXTREMELY tough to cut through, but very easy to scratch while it’s green.

So I decided to do the rook as a test print for 0.025 resolution, and there was a lot of warping part way through. I’ve attached a photo. The machine ran while I was asleep. So I’m not aware of anything disturbing the machine while it printed. There are some larger “offsets” such as on the left and right squares where there’s a band on material which appears to have shifted. And then near the first window there are bumps which are very irregular looking.

Can anyone make some suggestions about why these might have happened? I’d like to do what I can to avoid it.

-Clayton @ Laboratory

Thanks for posting Clayton. This is definitely not normal behavior and we will followup with you on your issue via your support ticket.