Don't put your Form next to a window!

I’ve always wondered whether or not the housing shields UV from the printer completely and now found out the hard way :slight_smile:

Printer had been unused right next to the window, although only a bit of morning sun came in.

Here’s the result after 3 weeks of no printing for anyone who was wondering :wink:

Is that the PDMS layer or a congealed layer of black resin?

Not the silicone layer, what you see is the top layer of resin that has cured.
Even though it looks black on the photo, the cured layer is transparent. I’ll see if there are too many black pigments now to get a good print.

Just put the cover of the resin tank next time and this won’t happen

From what I understand, the amber filter blocks most but not all light. It still let’s in around 5-10% of light at 405nm. So yes, repeated exposure will cure resin over time.

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