Do studies like this give you pause? Microplastics are confirmed in human blood for the first time

Article: Microplastics are confirmed in human blood for the first time

Articles like this give me a bit of pause and make me wonder about the safety of these printers as well as all the other plastics I work with for my job. I work in a closed space with a closet where my Form3 printer runs with a hepafilter behind a closed door.

But I still am probably exposed to a bunch of plastic fumes and microplastics that could lead to some health effects down the road.

What are peoples perceptions on this? Do people feel 100% safe? Curious to hear peoples thoughts on this as it seems to be an elephant in the room for 3D printing in general.

Thanks, Kevin


Bumping up for the week. Are people just trying to ignore this topic and hope for the best?

Can you point us to the actual scientific paper where this problem is discussed rather than some click bate website?

There you go: Discovery and quantification of plastic particle pollution in human blood - ScienceDirect

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  1. the sample size is like 2 dozen people

  2. the biggest source of microplastics is lint from synthetic fabrics

  3. the individuals from that tiny sample size were otherwise healthy

Printing resin is more likely to have other health implications than anything to do with microplastics, if this study is giving you pause you may as well become a nudist who only drinks hyper filtered water.


I guess we could do this with all of us PLA/ABS/PETG printers/farmers out there rather than resin printers hehe

lol well said

And don’t forget that many, many, people have been wearing plastic face masks for the last two years.

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