Respirator Filter Holders

Hey Friends,

Anyone know whether it would be safe/advisable to print respirator filter holders out of formlabs resin? Specifically draft?

Trying to get my guys outfitted for manufacturing medical PPE


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I would hold off and wait for comfirmation from formlabs, there was a solid movement forming to come together, as of very recently it appears the FDA is currently discouraging home helpers. Even with the best of intentions. From what I can see from recent news articles it appears to me in my opinion there may be some greedy outsiders who wish to cash in.

So, I would wait for formlabs to release a further statement.
To me, in my opinion, it is a sad thing to see. But I would instead send all of your stl files direct to formlabs instead of in the open.

keep it up regardless formlabs. do what you have to do and thanks. (this is just my personal view), based on recent articles im seeing. Once mit volunteered services for free / low-cost greed got in the way. sad, but it should not discourage the MIT team leading the way…

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I’m specifically looking for our workers in our professional studio.

We already are manufacturing PPE for first responders throughout the country I’m just running low on Respirator Filters