DIY "Glove Box" for finishing prints

Is anyone else using a “glove box” with their Form1 setup instead of the finishing tray?

My current work setup doesn’t involve a lot of room, and I’m concerned about leaving IPA & resin so close to a lot of electronics I have … so, I decided to build a “glove box” both for putting all the gear of the Form into, as well as using it during the finishing process itself.

Initially I started working with the Form1 with disposable nitrile gloves, but then moved into rubber chemical gloves since they were quicker to take on/off (TIP: mine are a little larger than my hands so they slip on/off more easily and quickly).

I’m still using the finishing tray, but as soon as I make more room, I plan on trying out the DIY Glove box, and see if it adds or detracts from the workflow of the Form 1.

I made mine before seeing the one on makezine, but they’ve got a whole video, and even a very basic fume extractor.

You don’t really need it (i.e. the extractor) for the Form1, unless perhaps maybe you’re going to paint within the box, or possible if you have a large print you want to power sand for some reason and want to collect the airborne particulates.


Nice! I was actually considering making one of these as an alcohol wash tank. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

No problem. I’d love to hear if you find it useful … personally, I’ve spilled a lot of IPA and resin on my workbench masonite top, so as soon as I make a new work area for the Form1, I’ll probably use it a lot more and finish off the enclosure … especially when it’s height level, and I can get my hands inside without stooping over.

Again, my setup is probably a bit different than other folks. Perhaps there should be a thread about that … in what was shipped to me, I did not see a lot of guidance on operating environment with the Form1. Maybe that’s changed, though.


I have my form1 sitting on a piece of plastic nonadhesive shelf liner that extends past the printer a bit.   I’m finding that it’s really easy to clean, protects my work surface from the drips, and I can set down anything sticky on it if I need to get a free hand. And it’s easy/cheap to replace that if it gets too gunky.  Also I have little bottles of hand sanitizer around.  It’s amazing what a good job that does cleaning up any sticky spots!  At first I was using the finishing tray, but I’ve ended up preferring to have the flat space with shelf liner.

The liner is a great idea. I actually use that technique now, but sometimes I opt for cardboard, as it’s recyclable once resin is cured. I happen to have a surplus of cardboard nearby on a daily basis.

Some of my new workbench has some stainless steel counter top. I’ll probably still use the plastic liner technique. I also noticed that the liner from the Form1 shipping box with the clear plastic *could* potentially be sacrificed to store stuff in the post printing process.

It’s on my list to acquire and mount a small metal vise to my workbench specifically for removing prints off the build plate. I don’t want to use my good vise. :slight_smile: