Dental SG went bad?

I’ve printed with Dental SG in the past without issue but when attempting to print with a stored unopened cartridge and new resin tank LT the results were nothing but failure with clumps of resin found in the tank the morning after.

My question is does resin go bad? I suspect the cartridge was approximately 6-8 months old.

Given the steep costs of the resin this is quite unfortunate.

Resins do go bad, however the Dental SG should has a recommended shelf life of 24 months. Did you shake the resin cartridge up before using?

Hello Lonnie,

Thanks for the tip, but yes the cartridge was thoroughly shook. I am running a clear resin print now on the same printer the issues were coming up and it appears to be executing without issue. I’ve used a fair amount of Dental SG in the past and this is the first performance issue I’ve run into.

The new LT tank did not appear to have any marks or scuffs and my attempts at printing in different regions of the build plate were met with the same consistent poor results. I did also filter the resin between attempts using a 190 micron funnel as there were a number of small flakes and clumps that would build over the duration of the failed prints.

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