Resin shelf life

Does durable resin have a shelf life? I ask because my durable resin has been sitting for quite a few months, made a pretty simple print and it did not print very well. The included pic’s are after some sanding was done.

It has a recommended shelf life of 24 months. If it has been sitting a while, it is always a good idea to shake up the cartridge for a minute or so before printing.


For durable it says 24 months. Production date is on the bottom of the cartridge by the valve.

I’ve had good results way beyond two years. In fact I recently printed a part using ToughV4 that was 37 months old, came out perfect. Being a hobbyist I have a fair amount of old resin and it generally works. My oildest was GrayV2 that was 18 months over the recommended 24, that was beginning to be flaky.