Dental Resin Dimensional Stability

Hello! I’m looking for a little bit of help. We’ve been testing denture baseplate printing with our Form2. Everything was going along great as far as fit straight out of the cure process. Now, we’ve noticed that over a period of a couple weeks, we’re losing a LOT of dimensional stability. Some of these baseplates do not fit the original model anymore at all.
We’re using the Dental SG resin. We have the alcohol bath and heated curing unit from Formlab. We’ve been doing 10 minute alcohol rinse and then 60 minutes in the heated cure unit. They come out of the cure fitting amazing. Then some (not all) start warping until they are unusable. Any ideas?
There’s no use of heat or light post process. They’re sitting flat at room temperature and this is happening. We’re making baseplates at 1.7 mm thickness and have only used the dental model resin to do them thus far.

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