Dental Implant Models - Problem


I’ve been using the Form 2 with the Dental Model Resin with great success…except with making implant models. The 3Shape software generates the model with the correct shape for the analog to fit, but the analog does not fit accurately. There is a lot of wobble. Any sort of movement of the analog creates lots of problems, so it’s an important feature to fix.

Does anyone know of the settings needed to fit the analog more accurately/snuggly? I am using the FormLabs settings provided by 3Shape.

I’m trying to re-print an implant model at .025mm to see if that makes a difference.

I do Analog to Model Spacing at 0.010mm and they’re just fine. I think the default is something like 0.075mm.

Looks just like my problem: Inacceptable clearance in Model Resin
You can try my testfiles. If you have the same issue with it, one of the next updates will fix this problems.

Thanks for the posts. I re-printed the implant model a .025mm to see if there was a difference. The analog did seem to fit slightly better although it is much more inconvenient to run a second print on implant models that will take twice as long.

I am printing another implant model over the weekend and changed the Analog to Model Spacing to 0.000.

kristian is right. I’ve found the best results with the Model Spacing at 0.010mm. It’s too tight at 0.000.


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