Degrade in quality on Side of parts

I have several form2s and usually when there is a rough texture to the surface it starts happening on all surfaces towards the end of the print. At that point I filter the resin and replace the resin tray with a new one if it is on its 3rd cartridge of material and the next print is back to normal. This last print doesn’t seem to have either of those issues and is only rough on the sides not the top or bottom faces. Any suggestions as to causes of this?

That would make me think the print is sticking too much to the tray–from the post it sounds like you’re going through 3 cartridges before replacing the tray, if so then that’s past the time that Formlabs estimates a tray would need to be replaced. It depends on what things you are printing and the distribution on the platform but they say that a tray will last about 2L of resin which is 2 cartridges.

This print is on a new tray with the first cartridge of resin so tray age is not an issue.

I was told that the trays are good for 2-3 cartridges, this depends on what you print. You can see the surface become cloudy and make your own judgement call…

Are you able to test a different model to see if you run into the same issue? Uploading the .form file would also be a big help as it allows us to ensure that the printer rather than geometry is causing the rough texture you’re seeing.

I have the same issues too.
I’ve printed hundreds of parts and every part with vertical walls shows the same stripe pattern.
It seems to be an accuracy problem with laser positioning in x/y direction.

Most parts are printed in Black V2 (the part on the second picture is primed for better visibility).

My form file is attached. The smaller part on the print tray did not have any quality (863.4 KB)

I wonder if there is any calibration I should be doing?

It’s often important to angle your models in both the X and Y axis. Angling in only one axis can leave a bit of geometry unsupported which might lead to the artifacts you’re seeing. I took a crack at re-orienting the .form file. Let me know how it works out for you!

Dropbox link

To angle the model in X AND Y axis is out of the question.
The rising goosebump, caused by the support points, is nearly unremovable without destroying the fine details.

I too avoid orienting in X and Y unless there is a pocket I need orient around. That’s why I was wondering if there was some kind of maintenance that should be performed on the machine to get it back to the way it was printing the sides smoothly prior to this instance.

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