Poor print quality

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I am Intern student currently operating a Form1 printer, which has been upgraded to Form1+.
When I started my intern i was printing, using the existing resin tray, that had a print success of 50%, the problem was on the tray i suppose (because there were some marks from the laser). When I changed the resin tray with a brand new one (REV: 03), I noticed a slight difference,when I was to fit the tray on the machine, it felt slightly strange.
Then I sent a 3D model to print that would take about 4 hours, everything looked fine to start with. When I came back after 3hours a colleague had noticed a sound that was not supposed to be there (like a drop), on the next print everything sounded alright. Two days after I set up another print the same sound appeared.

As a result, the print output was poor which is shown in the photos below.

This is a video from the Form1+ doing this strange ‘‘drop’’ sound. There are no issues with the peel motor or the mirror.

What should I do?

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looking at the surface area of your print, that sound is normal and that is not necesarily what caused the poor finish. Did you check your mirror is clean?

its hard to see where your print went wrong without a screenshot of your preform file.

I would echo what @Cesar_Rullier says. A form file would be helpful. From what I can see, it looks like you have a very thin part printed flat. Angling the part may help: http://formlabs.com/en/support/help/advanced/model-orientation/

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Thank you very much @Cesar_Rullier and @CraigBroady , for your feedback. Unfortunately I can not upload a form file. The mirror and the laser should be fine,we upgraded the laser recently so I do not think there should be something wrong with that. I will set my next prints in an angle as you said. I will keep you updated.

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You don’t really need to upload the form file, sometimes only a screenshot it helpful.


ok, I set my print slanted with 15 degrees, it took 9 hours to print, the result was not good.

These image’s show the model in Preform software, the ‘red circle’ highlights the area that the fault appeared, resulting in an other poor quality print.

The bottom view, ‘‘Arrangement of the supports, where problem apeared’’

to be continued…

Bad quality print.

Hardened resin on clear base.

This problem is costing us, material and very precious time, what could I do?


I had that problem a lot with my first (and second) printer. When you get patches of hard resin on the base it’s because the material didn’t peel off and is building up, being over exposed, thus not only sticking to the pdms but hardening to the point where it might tear the pdms when you try to remove it.

I would suggest that the angle of your model is far too shallow, and it’s only oriented on 1 axis, I would try again but set that X-plane 15 degree angle to 60-70 - if the part will fit vertically, and orient the Y-axis between 5-15 degress (again if that will fit into the build volume). This should also reduce the number of supports, so saving material. I usually set the point size of supports and density to the minimum settings - depending on the size of the object of course, with few problems.

Jason has some good suggestions. You might also consider reducing your support density somewhat. Dense continuous networks, like that shown, can impede the free flow of resin in the tank, which can raise the risk of failure.

Thank you, @Sam_Jacoby & @JasonSpiller,
I set up an other print, I think what actually destroyed this print was the lack of support structures as well as the angle,
I noticed that on some layers the build platform follows the ‘‘peel’’ function of the Resin tank, I am quite worried, what should I do?

The build platform actually does move both up and down in the course of a single cycle — so you’re seeing normal behavior there. This is a large-cross section part, which can be a challenge. It is often useful to minimize the surface area exposed on a single layer (you can take a look at each slice using the slicer tool, on the right of the page).

There are quite a few useful tips in our support pages, as well: http://formlabs.com/en/support/help/advanced/design-for-printability/.

If you’re continuing to see issues, I’d suggest that you also reach out to our support team, at support@formlabs.com. You can point them to this forum thread, as well. They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot your machine more specifically.

Hello again :smile:

So I have followed all of your feedback, and I had some improvements although, when I try to print this certain part ( that you can see in previous posts) something goes wrong. Sinse the part was kind of big I thought I should split it in two pieces and print again (separately)
this was the outcome.

In general the part looks good although there is a hole, that reveals the support structures, The material that was supposed to be in this hole was found stuck in the resin tray :frowning:
What am I doing wrong?