LT resin tray life span

How can I tell when my LT resin tray is nearing the end of its life? My prints seam to be not as crisp as before. I’m using durable resin on my form 2.

I have used a lot of LT resin trays, and much like the regular trays you can see them get cloudy where your prints were. A single print cloudy isn’t so bad, but in areas where multiple prints overlapped in the resin tray is where you will see resolution loss or defects.

Your print summary has an area where you can see all the prints done in a single tray and it generally gives you an idea if it is at end of life or not. I have tended to hold on to older tray and print on the edges or corners where there have not been any other prints, and been successful. I tend to be a bit more thrifty with my machine though and try to get all the life out I can.

Not sure if this was entirely helpful, but honestly, it is up to you to decide when your print quality falls below your acceptable standards and replace your tray. Formlabs can only recommend an average life.

When I had a Form 2, my LT tanks lasted basically indefinitely.

If you’re seeing lack of crisp details - chances are you need to clean your optical path (an annoying thing that’s required quite often on the Form 2).

Thanks for the input, This is also happening more and more.

I try to use up as much of the outer space as I can. But a lot of prints have a large footprint. I have also noticed this happening.

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Honestly I would say almost 100% of the time, if you start to see print issues on the Form 2, is has something to do with the optical path.

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I’d agree, that looks like less of an issue with the tank print surface than something in the optical path before that - tank underside, window, main mirror, galvo mirrors.

I would be interested in knowing what resin you are using? The Gray Pro is our standard engineering resin for prototypes, as the regular just does not live up for light prototype use.

I’m using durable resin. The gray pro is not strong enough or flexible enough.

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