Deformed print

Dear all,

we recognized a strong deformation in our latest mechanical prints. Honestly we don’t know if it was before washing and curing or if the issue could be there as well (but I think it’s the printer’s fault).
Any help is welcome!
(Most times we print more “organic” sculptures, maybe the deformation was there before but never recognizable.)

All lines should be straight and parallel:

From this side it’s more or less okay, the surface structure is not perfect though:

Thanks in advance and happy prints to all of you!

Hi @HfSLab,

Thanks for reaching out about this! This kind of warping can have many potential root causes. Isolating whether the warping is happening during printing or during post-processing would certainly help. I would advise getting in touch with our Support Team in order for them to look over these photos along with the .form file used and your printer’s diagnostic logs.

Thanks @Jesse_K , I’ll do some more tests and will get in touch!