Warped, curved print


I just finished my first print on the Formlab v2. So I have no experience at all
with 3D printing.
I assumed that my first print would be just about perfect, but things don’t always go like
that, and they surely didn’t.

The object was kind of warped or more it was not straight. This only happened on one side (the part that came out first). Everything else is actually pretty spot on.

First some data…
It was printed in the Tough resin at the highest resolution, which took 11-12 hours. I went with letting the Formlab software decide the placement and amount of supports and excluded internal supports.
The object was in the alcohol bath for 2 x 10 mins. Then it was dried off for 10 min and finally it went in the UV box for 60 min at 60 deg C.

These are the pictures of the result… https://imgur.com/a/5tUE6
I didnt save the print file so I had to take a picture of how the printer actually printed it. So this picture is a terrible attempt straight from the display of the printer, but I hope to give an overview of what how it was printed.

In the second picture, you can see the it from the front. The top has sunken to one side.
In the third picture you can se that the left side is not straight. Its curving inwards. Strangely it also curves up. The curve (on the left side) is also seen in the next picture, but its kind of hard to notice.

What could have caused this deformation?

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From the picture, it looks like cupping could have been an issue for those earlier layers. Enclosed regions that don’t have a drain outlet will create a sort of suction cup effect against the tank and require more force to peel. This could have contributed to the warping for those earlier layers.

I might orient this part with the cavity facing down towards the platform. If you’d like, I’m happy to have a go at orienting and supporting this for you so that we can rule out other issues.

Ahh yes I see what you mean when you mention couping. I would have thought that it would’nt be a problem since there are 4 pcs, 2mm holes in the cavity that should have caused
the suction (see picture 2). Do you think that the liquid is to thick so the holes were blocked and there could be a suction effect anyway?

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