3D printing with form3 has warping


My English is not good, but I need some assistance.
I printed the plank by form3, and the size is 100x100x10mm.
The first time, I printed this by form3, in fig.1.
It has serious warping in left.

We think the warping is because of its weight too heavy and long printing times. So, we change the design to fig.2 and fig3. We design hollow out on the reverse side. This design reduces weight and dispersed some stress. But it still has warped in fig.4.

We need good flatness, and can’t have any warping.
Please provide me with any suggestions.
Thank you for your advice and assistance.

Hi @Daphne_wen,

Thank you for reaching out about this. The cause for the warping can depend on whether the warping happened during printing or during post-processing. In order to narrow this down further, I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team and sharing these photos along with the .form files you printed with them.

Hi @Jesse_K
I have sent the relevant documents and photos to the support team.
Currently waiting for a reply, thank you.


Here, I found so many valuable comments.

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I use high temp resin, and the print parameters are 0.025 mm of one layer, 1.0 of support density, and 45 degrees on the x-axis.

We have improved model warping by changing the raft type and increasing the size of support points.
The support point size is 0.5 mm altered to 0.8 mm, and the raft type is full raft altered to non-raft type.

Thank you for everyone’s advice and assistance.


Are these still the part dimensions?

@RD_lab Yes.
The design is fig 3.

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