Dashboard notifications not working

I’ve had the Form 2 printer for about a week, and the dashboard notifications are not working at all. I registered my printer and setup notifications to send emails and texts. I did receive one notification the night after I’d setup notifications, but it was for a build the day before, before I had even setup my dashboard. Three builds have gone through since I setup the notifications and I haven’t received anything.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any troubleshooting tips?

Well, now that you mention it…

My notifications have been running flawlessly for the 6 or so months I’ve had the printer. However, I ran a print Wed night till Thursday morning (the first one i had run in a few weeks) and I was not notified via text or email. It worried me that the print didn’t finish, but when I came into work it was a success. I didn’t think much of it, figured either a fluke or maybe the printer needed a reboot. Maybe there is an issue with the cloud service?

I have the same problem!
Yesterday and today I have not received notifications.

Typically, the only times that I haven’t received notifications are when I have flaky wifi.

I noticed the same thing today. I filed a support ticket this afternoon.

Same here, on two printers the text updates have stop working.

I’m seeing this too. Starting a few days ago notifications started arriving many hours late.

Thanks for all the reports. I’ve forwarded this to our software team and we’re looking into it.

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Same here as well. The last thing I printed and got a text on was back on Jan 24th. I did one a few days after that and another one today with no notifications.

Have had dashboard notification issues since I got ‘low resin’ message. 1 print hasn’t appeared at all even though it completed successfully, dashboard reading for latest print has stopped at 6%. ???

Dashboard notifications are having some trouble currently and we’re actively working on a fix.

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Update: My dashboard notifications have been working as expected for the past week or so. Thanks Formlabs!


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