Custom Action Figure Head



I’ve been having a good time creating a custom head for action figures.  I’m a big fan of action figures, and so the thought of customizing is fun.  Eventually I want to do a full body too, but the head was something quick for me to get started with!  I had modeled this head of a friend of mine a while back, and so it was pretty quick to throw the hair and mask variations on it.  Meet my friend Kyle as Red Arrow and Blue Lantern!

There are some adjustments I would like to make, this was just a first pass.  For example, the cutout for the neck is not quite right so he looks a bit like he’s jutting his head too far forward.  Also, I’d like to update the hair to have some hair detail sculpted into it.  And my paint job needs some work. The eye area was tricky and looks a bit wonky.  I just bought a fresh brush so the next version will hopefully be a bit better.


Awesome work! Let me ask you something when making the head did you add the ball Joint cut out area? If so did it have any problems connecting to the male portion of the toy? Based on the clear image I can’t tell if the ball joint insertion area is there or not? Again awesome work I make my own figures using a FDM looking to get this machine as well.

Here are some of my projects…


Hey Oscar!

Those projects look fun! Love it!

Because this version was just a quick test I didn’t take the time to do a very specific cutout for the neck connection.  I just did a pretty big scoop out area.  But doing that gave me a great feel for what I need to change for the next versions.  Right now I just cut the neck ball joint off the action figure and have the head tacked on with a piece of sculpy.  I’ve attached a pic of the scoop i used.


Awesome work and I’m loving the detail the print was able to do. For the paint job did it need priming love that you showed clear, gray and painted versions.

I’m wondering if print out of the head will withstand the flex it’ll need to get inside the ball joint for the neck section. Love the work thanks for posting those up thie images.I’m thinking of getting this printer for figures as well.

Keep the updates comeing :wink:


The final printed material is very firm, and I don’t think it will flex to get around the neck ball joint.  The actual action figures are cast out of a much softer material then the printed resin.   I’m still playing with some ideas to get around this.  I could cast a inner head core out of softer material?

For the paint job, it was much easier to paint on the primered version.  The primer makes it much easier to see the details in the model (even the grey has a glow about it), and also the paint coats better on it.


That’s pretty much what I was thinking I used to make casts out of resin and found it impossible to do things like that. I also contacted a manufacturer they told me that resin was unsuitable for action figures that are articulated being the resin looses it’s tightness and friction over time. I used to use smooth on for my mold making and casting oomoo to be exact for mold creation and the quick curing resin.

What casting material and mold material do you use out of curiosity? I’m still thinking of purchasing the machine for non posing action figures and tiny figures as well.


Yeah, printing is a great way to make the prototypes or masters, but not really as a way to make many duplications. (at least for now)  I also posted on the forum about Rawrz toys, which I am half of.  For those we do take them through the whole mold and casting process.  We use smooth-on for the mold and castings.  We were using the 300 series, and have just started testing the 65d resin.  It’s cool because it’s a bit more flexible and less shatter prone. So far we’re liking it.


Awesome I  have to try that any recommendations on the vacuum and decompression machines? I’m in the New York area, I’ve seen the postings you guys have done on the figures awesome stuff. I also saw a  Make video of the creation of stop motion I saw one your partners who is in charge of the molding and casting station. I stopped casting and molding due to the lack of space and resources but looking into getting back and will wind up purchasing a decompress-er and vacuum chamber.


I’ll have to check with my Rawrz Toys partner, Victoria, as to which brand she is using. I do the 3d model and print, and she does the mold/casting.  I know she was able to convert a paint pressure pot to give the pressure needed which saved some money!  Also, casting creates lots of toxic fumes, so proper ventilation is a must!!


Yeah I was doing some molding and casting and I stopped at the time I didn’t have a Vacuum chamber or a De-gassing unit even with the easy smooth on kit.

That’s pretty much why I stopped but then I learned about the two chambers and was definitely interested in doing this again. Parts always came out with some hole no matter what I did I have tried all the tips but honestly the two chambers are needed for perfect casts.

Thanks for additional info really appreciated.