Create several smaller bases per part

Just had tihs thought, and it seemed very useful for larger parts or parts that need a dense support matrix.

Instead of making a single huge base that all supports extend from, group supports and create a smaller base per group Then tie these smaller bases together with small ‘beams’ that can be easily snipped, but strong enough to help with platform removal of all bases per part together.

This has these advantages:

  • less resin waste
  • less stress on part during support removal
  • it’ll allow easier removal with snips
  • less flying crap when snipping the base

The algorithm should be aware of how deep the typical snips can reach, say 1.0 cm max, and group the supports and create bases such that each support cluster can easily be removed individually. Think of the generation as growing several independent support trees per part, each with it’s own base. Then tie the bases together with minimal beams.

Removal workflow would be:

  • snip all base interconnect beams
  • snip each support cluster’s tips at the part
  • discard each cluster as they come off.


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