Chamfer at one corner of support base

I am finding that removal of the part from the platform is either a go or a no-go - and usually unexpected when it pops… and it is rather fun trying to work the scraper under the part.

Is it possible to put a small chamfer into the layering of the base (say, calculated to 1/2 or 3/4 the base height of the support) at one side or one corner so that it would be easier to have a wedge to put the scraper under (it may be easier to do it all the way around depending on the code)? Depending on the maximum taper angle that can support itself, this would give at least a 30 or 40 degree wedge with which to pry off the part.

Also associated, for large builds with big support surface areas, it may be a good idea to allow for small channels (say, based on a grid pattern) between the support base and the build platform. This would reduce the contact surface area from a very large pad to smaller pads that would split from the build platform with slightly less force.

This would all be implemented into the code for the base generation.