Touch points on base?

I have damaged too many models trying to get the supports off.  If the base used touch points you could easily use your scraper to sheer off the base and tackle the supports the way they should be tackled… with care.

Use case:

You print something with geometry like a cereal bowl.  The bowl ends up needing to face toward the base.  After the print completes and you remove it from the built platform, what next?  prying at the model damages it, and there are too many supports to get a clipper to them all.  You are screwed.  Now picture if there were touch points on the base.  You could sheer that off, then twist the supports one at a time with a needle nose pliers.  This is a high priority feature for me, and it should be easy since they do this already for internal supports!  Who is with me?!


Good idea.  I am not sure if this would be the best way to support all models but having it as an option would be great.  A way around this may be to orient your part prior to saving as an STL,  you would want to add a raft 2mm thick and then space the raft and the base of your model ~5mm from each other.  Then save and bring into Preform.  You should be able to create internal supports between the 2 parts.  You will probably have a Preform generated raft, the normal supports and then your raft, then the internal supports.  Seems sloppy.  I believe Monger posted up a better way using B9Creators software to create the supports, save as a STL, bring into Preform. Then print.

Obviously both the above ways are work arounds and rather sloppy.  I believe the B9Creator software way may work better.

I just hack off the raft and then slowly work my way into the part.  It works for me and the part is supported well.  It may be easier to get to the supports while cutting the raft off if you raise the part height to 6mm or more from the default of 5mm.