Durable bases

Does anyone having problems using DURABLE RESIN with FORM 3 PRINTER: printing bases are very hard to take off from the built platform…?
I use the SMALL BASES choice.
Regards, LGJA

Hey there @LGJA ,

Thank you for reaching out! Durable, along with our other Engineering resins, can sometimes be a bit harder to remove from the build platform; there are a few tips I can recommend to remove them, but also want to share our Build Platform 2 that is available for pre-order. It has patented Quick Release Technology that should make removing these parts much easier than you are currently experiencing.

The other tips would be to put the very tip of your flush-cutters under the base of the part and snipping; this will allow air-flow under the part and assist in releasing the part. Also, using a heat-gun or hairdryer to heat up the metal of the build platform can help with releasing stubborn parts. Please let us know if the issues are still persisting, and reach out to our Support Team if you have further troubleshooting questions.

hmmmmm… I hadn’t heard of this tip until just now…
but I’ve got a print finishing up shortly, so I’m going to try it

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Hey @RD_lab ,

Best of luck, and let me know how it turns out for you! The flush-cutter tip is also surprisingly more helpful than I ever gave it credit until I tried it for myself.

It did help some, it definitely came off the plate a little easier.
trouble is knowing how much heat to use.
I’ll know more this week as I use that trick a few more times

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Experience will be the best teacher on that front; I’m glad to hear it is helping so far, though!

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