Cover for Form Wash wire basket

There is a need for a cover for the Wire Basket that comes with the Form Wash. This should be a separate piece that can be put on when small parts are place in the basket to make a first or second pass through the Form Wash cycle.

Case in point: I have a number of small printed pieces that I design hollow to save resin. They have drain holes and sometimes the just seem more sticky that others that have gone through the wash cycle. This is after they have been removed from the Build Plate. So, the need to have a second pass in the Form Wash and thus the basket is used. But, because of their. small size they some times float or bounce around and out of the basket to the bottom of the Form Wash get bounced around by the agitator making a lot of noise and possibly stopping it from moving. Also it doesn’t take long for the IPA to get cloudy and thus it’s hard to find these pieces and remove them.

Possibly a wire cover, similar to the basket it self and it could be rounded some to allow for more space. Right now I have to put rubber bands so they form a cover space an inch apart.

I’d get some 1/4" hardware cloth, cut it larger than the top of the basket, notch squares out of each corner to allow for folding the edges down and place it over as a lid when needed. Should be a very easy fix and cost next to nothing.

Doesn’t that rust? I agree it would work. I was thinking of one maybe rounded but flat should work for most pieces. I’ll give the Hardware Cloth a try and see how it goes.

I believe that most, if not all, hardware cloth is galvanized. Of course the cut ends of the wire would be exposed mild steel.

I do recall finding a place on the net a while ago, when I was searching for some stainless steel screening for a motorcycle project, that sold screening of many non ferrous materials and hole sizes. Of course they were not inexpensive.

I don’t think what little rusting the hardware cloth might do would cause any problems…but only you can judge that for yourself.

Does steel rust in alcohol?

Nope, but it will rusts in standard IPA since those aren’t 100% alcohol. It will be especially fast in 90% IPA like some people seems to be using.

I wouldn’t use even a galvanized steel in 90% IPA, i’d use stainless steel.

If it’s submerged 99% of the time, it shouldn’t rust much, especially with such a small cross section.
You need exposure to oxygen for rust to start forming (or a serious potential difference, or an acidic environment), and the amount of oxygen from water in the IPA is fairly limited.

Both a basket cover, and dishwasher style partitions, like someone mentioned in the big Wash thread, would be super useful, though. Also, plastic basket might be a good idea too, to reduce scuffs on parts that move.

I’m going to laser cut a thin piece of polystyrene sheet for a pop-in cover. Nice to have that machine right here.

I’ll post a photo of it when I get it done… if it works that is! :sweat_smile:

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Nice idea. Should work fine, polystyrene is pretty well resistant to IPA too, if memory serves.

Idea might be good but the practicality isn’t I’m afraid. One issue is the wire mesh isn’t even around the basket and won’t be from basket to basket so each one has to be individual if you use the holes in the mesh to hold the cover.

I think it might be better to print a cover on the Form 2 with a bit of a curve to it and with hooks that fit on to the wire loop frame at the top. The hooks can be hooked on the inside of that basket top loop, inside, and with a little pressure the hooks can be engaged on the opposite side.

I laser cut some resin coated cardstock just to test this and that’s when I fount the no uniform alignment of the holes in the mesh. It’s logical that they just cut a strip and weld/solder it in place.

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I suggest you put the parts into a plastic net bag such as oranges are sold in.

This seems like the most practical solution. Seems like the kind of thing FL could consider including as part of the Wash.