Form Wash Cleaning Filter Accessory

Just thought I would share this. After use, you sometimes end up with floaties in the Form Wash that then stick to your newly printed parts after washing.

Once the parts dry, it can be difficult to remove the debris and it’s kind of annoying. Whilst this isn’t a perfect solution (I think the perfect solution is to have some kind of internal cleaning mechanism), I’ve designed an accessory that seems to be working fairly well in capturing particulates left in the wash.

I made a 3D printed holder that has magnets on it, which clips into the Form Wash brackets. It holds a generic PC dust mesh filter on Amazon that slides into a slot and it hangs in the Form Wash basket. While the Form Wash does a run, particulates stick to the mesh filter and once a wash is done, you can scrape off or clean the filter and re-use it. I’ve started popping this into the Form Wash almost after every print now. Again, not perfect, but does a decent job for a low effort accessory.

I still recommend doing a thorough clean every time you swap IPA out though. There’s nothing like a proper scrub/clean.

I can’t remember where the magnets were from - but you can probably just find some generic ones to fit the hole cutouts (or modify the STL to have your own hole cutouts).




I love this!

Before the Wash came out, I had actually started to design a cleaning chamber than incorporated a pump and a mesh filter to recycle liquid through a strainer.

Have you used it with Rigid yet and know if it does anything for the white specks typically left behind after such parts?

I really wish there was an auto clean feature. That would be great.

I haven’t yet purely because I don’t print in rigid all that much. Been using it for all my other resins though (elastic, flexible, black, tough 2000, etc).

It works great at catching little annoying elastic and flexible floaties so far.