Continuous Section Print Failure (Photo attached)

Tank is new, material (Tough 2000) is new.

I had a print failure. Following the print failure, I ran the Clean Mesh cycle, which had a continuous section fail to print in the same region as my print failure.

I then cleaned the optics as suggested by the trouble shooting guides.

Following, I reran the Clean Mesh cycle which again had the same continuous section failure. See attached photo of the most recent clean mesh failure. As you can see in the photo, there is a continuous section that is not printing across the entire bed. Please advise.

I have reached out to support; I am awaiting their response. I am curing the Clean Mesh Print now so that I can get better dimensions on the section that is failing. My belief is something is blocking the laser in this section but the optics are pristine and as I stated, I cleaned following the guide.

Hi @rbraddock,

Thanks for getting in touch. I would tend to agree with your assessment that there may be something blocking the laser in that region or otherwise interfering with the laser path. Support will have a better sense after reviewing the printer’s diagnostic logs, but it’s possible that the affected LPU would need to be replaced given that the optical window is clean.

Indeed. Support is sending a new LPU.


Take this opportunity to re-grease your X-axis lead screw.

After installing the replacement back LPU, I am happy to report I have had no issues. While the machine was down for repair, I took the opportunity to perform all maintenance including re-grease of the lead screws.