Printing issues and Mesh Cleaning Overlap

I went to print something today and there was a lot of missing layers mid/late print as well as layer separation. I did run a mesh cleaning print after and instead of the print having two separate mesh’s they were overlapped in the middle and came out as one piece. This is with a brand new resin tank.

Resin is the basic Black Resin

Any thoughts on what might be causing either issue?

Thank you!

This is normal behavior with certain resins. I believe I’ve experienced it with Rigid 4k? but it may have been something else

Hi @Jasonlee2,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear about the failed print you encountered. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team and sharing photos of the failed print along with the .form file you were printing. They would be able to check the printer’s diagnostic logs and narrow down what initially caused the failure.

Just ran a cleaing mesh in clear last week. Came out as one piece. Also ran cleaning mesh in black on two tanks and those also came out as a single mesh. Which leads me to think that if you’ve seen a mesh coming out as two separate pieces, that would be a problem more than coming out as one mesh. Support will be asking to make sure the glass is clean. You may also want to try printing out the test models to see how those fare.

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