Consistent Fails After Location Change

Hi all,

My Form 2 has recently been moved to a different location, and while I’ve made sure the printer is level, my prints keep failing in the same way, and it’s causing me to waste a lot of resin due to inability to properly filter it (see picture/video below).

I’m not sure how to proceed. Should I try to adjust the Z axis? The tray has been cleaned multiple times between prints, and doesn’t look like there’s an issue with it. The printer itself was also handled carefully during the move, didn’t fall or get damaged in any way.

In the video below you can see how “curdled” the resin looks after the job completes. I haven’t had fails like these previously.

Form 2 - Google Drive (video of resin tank and photo of the failed print job).

Did anyone run into something like this, or does anyone have an idea how to proceed?