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Compensate real z offset in Preform


A lot of people print their parts directly on the build platform surface and compensate for the squishing via CAD or Meshmixer. I.e. they add ~ 0.5 mm thickness or similar to that surface, which will touch the build platform surface (e.g. compare Print directly on build tray).

Tbh the real workaround would be so easy to do in Preform that it strikes me nearly as being stupid to not include:

  • Add a parameter “z-axis offset compensation” as an positive numeric value of mm. E.g. 0.5 mm.
  • Reprint the very first layer on floor(z-axis offset compensation / layer height) layers and after that print the actual part
  • Done, thats all to add

Reducing z-height offset for printing on build platform

I agree, this would be a fantastic addition to preform. One of the main reasons I don’t print on the build platform is that I don’t want to have to make several different models. Otherwise I often have flat parts that could take advantage of printing on the build platform.


This was included in a recent Preform (version 2.20, released on March 12, 2019).

From the Release Notes:

Adjust Z-Compression Correction to add extra height to the bottom of a part to compensate for compression of early layers and maintain dimensional accuracy on parts that are printed directly on the build platform