Color coding tank heat map

I like the heat map - especially now since the orientation lines up with the view in Preform.

The feature I’d like to see is a color coding on the heat map that is reflective of the likelihood of having an issue with a print in the area. Something like green shading for areas of the tank that are mostly unused and red for areas that are very likely to have print failure issues.

It seems like this should be achievable, though it would take some data linking the amount of laser exposure to severity of clouding (and linking severity of clouding to print issues)…

The current greyscale is OK, but for me I am still probably too conservative as the time lost to a failed print is not worth the cost of a new (or recoated) tank. It would be nice to maximize tank usage and minimize waste.

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I agree that this would be a nice feature.

The user should be able to toggle this on and off (color blind).

Also, they would need to be careful to use colors that mix well with each other. Yellow to red to purple works but colors like blue to orange or red to green give a brown that screws things up.

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I like this idea also.