Collecting container

Someone has tried to clean the collecting container?

The resin collection container must be removable for better cleaning.

What do you think about it?

I’m a bit worried about the amount of resin in your catch basin. It is possible for resin to overflow that area and get inside the machine. We’ll want to make sure that hasn’t occurred and help you to clean this up so I’ve gotten in touch with our support team and you’ll be receiving an email from us shortly to help investigate further.

Best thanks.
Have received the mail from the support.
I have followed the instructions…now the shuttle guard is clean. :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the useful information.

There should be a little drain tube that runs from this collection container, out the back of the machine, into a catch bottle. If there is an overflow or splashing spill (like I had with a failed print) resin made a HUGE puddle on the floor and drained into the machine’s body. IT was terrible! If the catch basin had a drain tube, into a bottle, it would have saved me HOURS of cleaning up super sticky bad clear resin from my hardwood floors. It also ruined the finish on my counter top.