Resin filling into the back of the resin tank

Hi guys,

One of my resin cartridge start filling to the back of my resin tanks.
I have to check and wipe the little bucket under the cartridge and the metal frame at the back of the resin tank every time after I print with that cartridge at the moment.
Has that happened to anyone before?
I know what formlab will say, they will ask the expiry date on my resin.
The date on the cartridge is 2017/11/09 which i know it should be the manufacturing date as the resin was not even available in the UK till Jan 2018.
Any suggestion what I can do apart from throwing the cartridge away?


its a bad valve on that cartridge… its leaking. whenever the tank shifts to the side to peel, resin is dripping down into that catchtray because the ramped well for the resin to pour into moves out from under the cartridge valve.

This happened to me, but it spilled enough resin to overflow the catchtray, and then that was a mess and a half to have to clean up… so- really, by continuing to use this cartridge you are playing russian roulette.

that little tray in the back, however, can be lifted out, but first lower the level by spooning some out of there.
The little tray is held down by a little wad of rubber cement… so you have to pull up pretty hard- I used a set of wide jaw pliers to grip the entire front edge of the tray so I didn’t tear it, or pop up one corner and spill the remainder of the contents.

Once out you can clean it out thoroughly, and check under it for any overflowed resin.

Also a good idea to to check the carrier catchtray carefully, look in all its gutters and especially in the deep catchbasin at the left front corner of the carrier tray. you may have spilled more resin than you realize as it can flow along the perimeter gutter where its not that noticeable.

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It seems these are always problematic :frowning:

I’ve had them come still sealed without a cut and had to cut them myself before now.

I’ll follow your recommendations and give the printer a thorough check… I really don’t want another spill to worry about!

Thanks Sculptingman.

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