Resin spill drain?

I’ve recently had a 21 hour build which was successful but when opening the lid I noticed a crack on the left side front panel of the resin tray which resulted in resin seeping out and collecting below on the black panel around the tray. I’ve noticed a drain type aperture also on the left front side which most of the resin has collected into. Is this drain there for spills or has the resin gone into the internal workings of the machine. Please can someone help and explain. Thanks

What you’re describing sounds like the 50mL catch reservoir integrated into the shuttle cover, intended to catch minor spills like this.


You can “drain” the reservoir by gently dabbing paper towel in it to absorb the resin. Hard to say if resin dripped into the internal workings of your unit. I had that happen to me. You could contact Support for further instructions (and possibly permission to remove the outer cover from the unit to inspect deeper). You can also peer through the optical window to see if there’s any resin inside the chamber (although from what you’ve described I doubt there will be). I’d wear a hairnet or hat if you’re going to lean over the optical window (to help prevent dust / dandruff from falling onto it).

Thanks for that. I was hoping for this
response. I’ll soak up as much resin as I can with a tissue. I’m so glad that none of the resin leaked onto the glass window underneath and from what I’ve seen none has leaked anywhere else. Thanks for putting my mind at rest.

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