Clear resin overflow twice, what is the problem?

Twice, i encountered after printing, and starting a new job, my form 2 overfill by about 2 mm. I have to use a syringe to remove the resin to continue. It refill by itself, and it overflow. May i know how form 2 detect resin level?? Is that information, maybe i can clean the sensor and hopefully do not need to send the printer for service.

the cartridge rubber valve is probably leaking. Do not leave it in the Form2. Do not use it, place the orange valve cover back on, contact Formlabs and request a refund from your supplier of the cartridge.

How do you know it overfilled by 2mm? Once the resin tank is completely full, there is no way to measure how much more it is filled. I think you are saying the resin level was 2mm higher than the black line on the front of the resin tank? If so, this is not a concern and you can ignore it.

Yes the black line, i am referring to that, is that not the max line? OK, but the printer refuse to start printing until i reduce the resin in the tank. The printer refill itself and overflow itself. So my question is how form 2 know the amount of resin? what sensor do they use. Thanks.

rubber value??? oh… anyone have technical drawing how their cartridge works? so the cartridge is the problem, not the sensor of form 2? Mmmm… i already use some of the resin, can i bring it back and get a new one. I dun think they will like it.

This appears to be the thermal sensor for the resin tank:

I am not sure where the fill level sensor is. It must be near the temperature sensor.

Link to Camelback Bite valve
The simple rubber valve is on the cartridge, and is opened by squeezing it:

Images from this teardown.

Perhaps there is a misalignment with your tank sensor?
If the valve has a problem then it should be corrected by placing the cartridge.
If the sensor is misaligned then the problem will continue.

It is either way risky, if there is overflow your optics ans electronics may be soiled.

Thanks, nice info, so far just a drop of resin overflow when the wiper moved. So, it is only slightly overflow. The printer refuses to start print until i take out some resin. OK, I am going take out tank clear it a little bit at safe area and put it back.

Sometimes the cartridge dispenses a bit too much resin and you get a tank overfilled error. If the printer were to run with an overfilled tank, there’s a chance of resin spilling over the sides of the tank which makes for a bit of a mess. Because your printer is repeatedly over-filling, you should get in touch with our support team so we can help troubleshoot this with you.

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