Clear resin isn't sticking to the base


I made a few prints with castable resin. That went well.
Now I am printing with Clear resin.
But, the resin isn’t sticking to the base. So, there is nothing printed:(.
How can I solve this problem?


Best, René

There are several potential causes for this and so I would recommend you follow our ticket submission steps here so we can help you out!


Hello Jordy,

I read the instructions on the site you mentioned. I did this, but the problem still exists. I also made a ticket for it.

Best, rené

René, our support team will take good care of you!


@Rene_Marechal in the case your laser gets weaker you can try to choose another resin in the presets in preform like grey or black while in real you are using clear resin in your tank. I do this with clear resin and added pigment. It does not damage anything. Even if this is not a solution for a working machine how its meant to be you can have good results but find out also if the laser is the problem I think.

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