Clear Resin Curing and cleaning process


We have been using Clear 2 to make some pats, But unfortunately we are experiencing some white patches on our prints. The process followed for curing:

  1. IPA wash for 2-3 min.
  2. Open Air Dry<img
  3. UV curing with water
  4. Applying Oil to make parts clear.
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    Also, we are experiencing parts have yellowish color on clear parts

increase #1 to ~10 minutes and blow off with compressed air if possible.
Water cure will make it whitish in my experience. I use direct sunlight for a short burst (20 minutes or so) to remove all stickyness. Then maybe the UV box if needed.
Yellowish color can be prevented by clear anti-uv clearcoat spray (before oil, obviously)

Thanks, trying now…

If you paint the white patch with a little liquid resin, and then hit it with some UV light to cure it, it may correct the problem if Christopher’s suggestion doesn’t work.

I tried the options suggested by Chris, the issue still persists. Though they are better and clients have accepted the parts. We also noticed the parts have yellow color from the machine. I recollect, I missed to shake the container before using.
I am also checking to use of other material for cleaning as suggested over FORMLAB’s website.

Thanks for the suggestions!!

Maybe next time instead of oil, try spraying some transparent spray paint like this:

It is acrylic so its a perfect match for Formlabs resins that are acrylic based.

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