Clean up spilled resin immediately

If you have any sort of spilled resin, wipe it up immediately. The resin is cured by UV light meaning sunlight will make quick work of spilled liquid.

Although depending on the surface you spilled on, it can be easier to let it dry and peel it up when it is plastic rather than wipe up a liquid resin. For example, if the resin catching gutter on your build platform is full of resin, you use the tweezers to grab the cured resin. If it was full of resin and left outside the printer for a while, you can pull up a big square frame shape in one piece.

Very good point! I had not thought of that

Definitely an effective method for hard surfaces as opposed to carpeted scenarios

I don’t know if this thread is still open, however my case is that I have a spilled mixture of resin and alcohol around my cleaning kit and desk. This is a result of the alcohol/resin dripping from the parts as I remove the supports. I’ve wiped some of the dripping using a paper towel but for the most part there are still drips all around the area that have settled over time. These drips have not hardened, but have left a sticky residue all around the work area. Simply using a paper towel won’t do the trick.

What is the safest way to clean up this left over mess? Do I just wipe my whole desk with IPA?


Wiping it with IPA doesn’t work… I have the same problem and that didn’t solve it… I haven’t found anything to work yet unfortunattely… Luckily I only have a few stains.

I’m looking forward to someone’s trick too :slight_smile:

Only thing that I have found to clean up resin is Purell I just buy the big refill size.

You could let the IPA evaporate, and then:

  1. either let the sunlight cure the remaining resin, peeling it off, or
  2. wipe the remaining resin with fresh IPA

Another thing you might wanna try is wiping isopropanol+resin with ethanol.
Don’t try with acetone (even though it might do the trick) because it’ll likely eat your cleaning kit and any paint/lacquer/plastic on your desk).

This may sound a bit simple - minded, but why don’t you put a layer of plastic film over your table or desk then put the finishing kit on the plastic. When it gets gunky, you can just change the plastic “table cloth”.

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I just discovered a spill, I see it leaked under the first metal tray, any tips?

Open a ticket with Formlabs they’ll quickly send you detailed instructions for disassembly and cleaning.