Cleaning the tools from the finish kit

My tools tend to be sticky after I use them to remove the support structures. What do you use to clean them?
Also the scraper and tweezers have little bits of cured resin stuck to their tips. Is there a better way of removing them than by trying to scrape them of with another tool?

I just wipe things off on a paper towel, for the scraper I wipe it off and then use some of the IPA and that makes it perfectly clean again. I don’t take off the supports until after the print is cured so the flush cutters don’t get dirty that way.

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I throw mine in to the IPA bucket (the second wash bucket, not the one you use first) for a few minutes and then wipe them down.

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Like @Randy_Cohen, I usually dunk the tools in the rinse bucket and wipe them off.

Some additional tips for convenient cleaning:

  • Fill a pump sprayer or atomizer with alcohol for cleaning large surfaces or objects that aren’t convenient to dip in the rinse buckets. Be sure to label your spray bottle!

  • If you get any resin on your skin, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to dissolve it then wipe it off with a towel before it evaporates.

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If instead you should be tempted to think “hmmm, maybe it’ll be easier to clean off my hand if I hit this blob of resin with my post-print curing laser first” let me advise you against trying. The resin heats up as it cures. It doesn’t stay hot very long. But it hurts while it does (heat up).

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