Casting using castable wax resin from Form3

Does anyone know what went wrong with casting these castable wax V1 printed baseball bats on my form3? I used prestige optima investment and the bats turned out awful, but the hand carved wax rings turned out perfectly! I followed the burnout guidance on formlabs for prestige optima. Thanks in advance!

I have also had more porosity and surface issues with this resin than from other printers. I use a casting house and they have told me the success rate for the Form 3 castable resin is about 20-30% lower than the other resins- especially if it has detail…pretty sure formlabs is aware.

Looking forward to seeing improvements and progress soon!

Hello SanLuxe,

Do you mind giving us a little more information on your process or procedure for casting to potentially alter or help assist you to achieve better results?
What %I IPA are you using to clean the models? Are you curing at all?
What water ratio are you using for investing?
What metal are you casting and karat?
Does the design have any engraving or stamp in the CAD model?
How long are you bench resting before you put in the furnace?
Which version of Formlabs’ burnout schedule are you using, they have an old one and a new one released in 2019?

This will give us a better idea of areas you may want to tweak in order to get better results. Here to help.
-Pat D

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