New Formulated Castable Resin?

Good Morning All;

Curious about seeing some results of the newly formulated Formlabs castable resin. I have had mediocre results at best up until now and hoping this new formulation will resolve the rest of the issues in surface quality for me.

For a Form Oneuser out there that is getting castable fine results for jewelry kudos, could you post pictures.

For a resin person, can some explain to me, how I can get the results I need with the Grey and Black Formlabs resins. But the castable always has a bad side or a horrible topographical texture?

Hi Mickael, as far as I know the upgraded castable is available in a few weeks after ordering, so I don’t think anybody tried it yet.
I am ordering a liter today.

I had some texture problems with the castable, but my main problem wath dimension accuracy…( I am dental tech).
Looks like the last Firmware fixed it up a little, but still not sufficient, at least for me.
Can’t wait to try the new castable…

For me the biggest problem is the casting of silver, or gold.
Until now after a year of continuous use, I’ve only gotten results ranging from mediocre to awful.
I hope the new formulation solve this problems…

What are the problems you are getting Alfonso? I have been casting for over 40 years and I will help if I can. Post some photos here and lets see if we can fix your problems.

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Hello Hillary.
Thank you very much for your help and excuse my English
I work as a jeweler from 35 years, with my brother in a small business founded by my father in 1953.
We manufacture both pieces entirely by hand as cast with the lost wax system.
For some years also we manufacture 3D printed jewelry (wax printed models) without problems.
A year ago we bought the form1 +. and the problems started with the castable resin…
Printed parts have some problems but the main obstacle occurs during casting:
The models showed a big roughess and porosity very difficult of remove.
I have tried many times the burnout process suggested by formlabs, but i do not get the same results the i get with my castings in wax.
i upload some pictures where you can see the problem.
I am very interested in any recommendations about the process around the castable resin
Thank you!

Hi Alfonso well it sounds as if you have as much experience as I have so I am not sure if I can be of help. However I would suggest the resin is attacking the plaster during burnout. I have had this problem with some plasters and not with others. I now use Goldstar Omega Plus which I mix up full strength. I have good results with this and the Formlabs resin. Some people are getting good results with Plasticast with bandust. If you are using one of those two already I would suggest a slower burn-out with a pause at the start as per Formlabs recommended process. You could also try dipping the items in IPA to which a good quantity of wax has been added so that a thin film of wax is left on the surface of your model.

Good luck let me know how you get on

Hello Hillary
Yes, I have experience, but it is always a pleasure to hear other opinions, because as you know in this job there are always new things to learn.
So far I have tried both Plasticast like Satin Cast, always with a proportion of water lower than usual
Plasticast I do not like too much, because it has a different way of curing to which I am accustomed.
I guess it’s a matter of keep trying.
I have never tasted gold star, but I will ask my supplier
I found very interesting the idea of dissolving wax in the ipa. In fact when I apply wax on resin parts to correct a defect, this surface appears soft after casting unlike resin areas.
I will also review the burn cycle and hope to comment here the results.

Thank you for your help!

@David_Maillot, I will let you be the ginny pig for the new resin, please advise your results with images when you have time.

I am getting lazy with the form1+, i use my other printer, but sucks doing bangles, so really need the formlabs to get up to speed on castable resin, or not threaten no printer support if we find a resin that actually works as it was promised too.


Ok I will let you know as soon as I get It

I’m really disappointed with the printer.
A year of work and I have not gotten a single decent piece.
If the new castable resin does not improve the problems, I will have to contract with another company the printing service
I hope to see photos with the new resin castings

Just get the new castable this morning, printing…
I will send pics ASAP

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