Castable Wax Dimesional Accuracy

Hi, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

I have an order to produce grips for a Swiss Army knife to be cast in aluminium. I have carefully modelled these in CAD to be as accurate as possible. I printed them at 100% size to check the fit against the actual knife body and was disappointed by the discrepancy between the parts. Please note the difference in each dimension. There is a hole pattern on the underside of each that should line up with the pins on the knife body but are undersized by about 0.91mm.

Will I have to compensate for this with a non-uniform scale in my CAD software, or is there a more elegant solution? The scale compensation will have to allow for about 6% for the aluminium shrinkage and as you can imagine this is getting rather complicated.

I am using Preform v3.13.0 and Firmware Version
rc-1.10.12-652. Printing with Castable Wax V1 on the Form 3 at 25 microns with the new beta profile.

I would appreciate any insights on this matter.