Castable Wax 40 Results - 10% Shrinkage

Just started printing with the new Castable wax 40 material and I’ve experienced a massive amount of shrinkage. After a few days I’ve noticed shrinkage up to 10%. . For the jewelry industry, this is pretty difficult to work with. Ive been trying to find the sweet spot as a scale factor to offset the shrinkage. This material would be a hard No for any type of stone setting or technical design. . Also, if you dont cast in house ( or your garage :slight_smile: ), by the time this gets to your casting house and into their schedule your piece could shrink even more. . so your Size 9 ring that cant be resized because its an eternity design is doomed because it will cast at a size 8 or less . . .

Does anybody have any suggestions or workarounds?


I haven’t tried the new Castable wax 40 yet though I can’t wait to try. As a caster with 40 years experience, To answer your question you always get a bit of shrinkage even with hand carving wax. It normally varies between something like 2.5% and 7%. So I always make my ring model one size bigger and it pretty much shrinks by one size and is then the correct size, or so close you can tweak it. I am referring to UK sizes which almost seem designed for the shrinkage issue. So I suggest you measure the CAD drawing carefully, Print it in Castable Wax 40 and measure the print carefully and compare the two. Then cast or send it to your favourite casting house and measure the finished ring. That will give you an accurate idea of the amount of shrinkage then all you have to do is size up the Cad Drawing by the appropriate percentage and your ring will be the right size. I know this careful measurement and test works because I was able to cast a snap-fit watch case when my colleagues said it couldn’t be done.

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Helpful info! Im so used to casting resin at work and its doesn’t have much shrinkage. Definitely a learning curve.


Yes we had the same problem today. Rings came back from casting with a 10% shrinkage.

I thought it might have been the IPA as I had to leave in for longer than 5 minutes.

I did leave the models sitting out for 2 days before casting.

Very dissatisfied with it. I had high hopes for this version.

I will be sending multiples of the same ring with 5% 10% upscale next week.

I will let you know how I get on.

The rings where cast in platinum.

I have a few being cast also, I will post my results with the success and shrinkage.

I scaled the models 3% then let them sit for a few days before casting so we will see how that factor works.

Its tricky because the material itself shrinks on top of the normal shrinkage during the casting process. . .

I am pretty bummed about the material as well.

I just started experimenting with the Castable Wax 40 and the shrinkage is miserable. I’m talking about pre-casting shrinkage. How is a 10% shrinkage rate before casting acceptable for anything? I don’t think I’ve made anything in my jewellery career which can tolerate that much dimensional change.

I guess I’m going back to the purple stuff and deal with the burn out issues.

Thanks Hillzzz , I would have said it was not possible to accurately compensate for the shrinkage myself , I have not used this material castable 40 , I’ve been milling heavy pieces and printing setting plates on my form 2 and Envisiontec machine,
Been a long season and things are just getting back to something normal and I’m getting ready to use it
I saw the webinar on using this material got excited and bought another form 2 so that when this one dies I can easily step into the other one , I’m disappointed to read this but I still believe in the form 2 at the price and useabillity ( that’s not a word my device is telling me) , it’s a workhorse and works as well as the 15 thousand Envisiontec and my mills feel like the Stone Age
So I’m sure hoping we can work with the 40 , I’m dreaming of bracelets , I’ll post my experiences as things move along thank you

I am using Castable Wax 40 and I’m facing major shrinkage issues. How can I avoid that? Need urgent help

You will need to offset model for shrinkage. If you are casting in house you may only need to bump it like 2 %. If you are sending out id bump it more because the material shrinks more as the days go.

But thats not gonna be perfectly concrete solution for Stone setting moulds.

I’m having the same issue - It is almost unusable.

The purple castable wax was dimensionally stable - but wouldn’t cast.
This wax casts, but the dimensions are horrific. I had a ring drop four sizes - the cast is unusable.

I’m going to print some reference blanks 10x10mm 50x10mm and measure after print, and after cure. I’ll follow up with results.