Castable resin contraction

Castable resin have any contraction when casted? Should I just scale the part in preform or fine tune the printer?

I measured my casted ring and I noticed a small difference in size, about 0,2 mm smaller.

that is the shrinkage caused when the hot metal cools down after it has been poured into the mould. Measure a castable resin item very carefully. then cast it and measure the metal item. the difference is casting shrinkage. it will probably be around 2% perhaps 5%

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Thanks Hillzzz! I didn’t remember this characteristic, I will try and post the results.

Yeah casting shrinkage is complicated because the mould expands and so your model gets bigger. then you pour in liquid metal and the metal cools and contracts. So the size it ends up is the difference between the expansion of the mould and the contraction of the metal. as i said it usually shrinks between 2 and 5 or 7 % I have known it to be as high as 10% and on a very few occasions over around 40 years of casting the final object has ended up larger than the original but thats very rare in my experience.

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