Casting shrinking, printing shrinkage

Hi all I have a form 1+, when people are printing in cast able resin what do you increase the size by to allowing for shrinkage when casting,

I find it depends on the model. All the books and online resources I’ve read say you lose about 2-3% due to shrinkage and polishing. I did some prong castings the other week to house gems 3x3mm, 5x5mm, 10x10mm and 12x12mm. I printed all prong settings at 102%, 103% and 105%, and then cast them. Just to get an idea of the amount of metal, the tree looked like this out of the hot pickler:

For the smaller models, the 105% models were closer to the desired size. For the larger ones, 103%. I now do an initial cast at 104%, and then adjust for the next casting.

All metals have a specific shrink factor that is unique to that particular metal/alloy.
While not addressing Silver or Gold specifically, this is a good understanding of what’s happening:

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