Castable blue resin for jewellery

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Can someone please tell me how much the shrinkage % is from blue resin print in the casting process for jewellery…

Anyone working with jewellery and cast who can tell me, i heard it’s 3%, sounds like a bit much?

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Hi, Martine. Some shrinkage occurs in blue resin parts during the required post-curing step. The Preform software already scales up the size of the part to compensate for this.

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There is no shrinkage in casting due to any resins or models. the only way a casting could shrink would be from the investment, which ive never seen. its a big myth in the jewelry business

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Sorry , Dont belive it is a myth… Just hand made a wax to fit a stone. Had to burr out the silver casting because it is slightly smaller… There is some casting shrinkage wjhen metal cools. I also make my models 2.5% larger in preform to get the finger and stone sizes to come out correct


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Thanks Art, I haven’t tried the blue stuff yet, good to know. Yes my wax castings shrink too.