Touchpoint size


I’m still waiting on my F3 and I looked at one of the sizzle videos FormLabs put together and they talked about .3 to .4mm touchpoints down from .6mm. Preform still defaults to .6mm. What is the going consensus now on touch point size?


I’ve come down to these sizes:

.25 - .3 for smaller pieces at 25um though I’ve found the .25 to be more fickle in terms of consistency
.3 - .35 for 50um .35 to be on the safer side
.35 - .4 for 100um

Though one caveat is that each piece seem to require more supports especially around circular object. Auto-generation seems to be less accurate in having successful prints compared to the form 2. I’m still doing quite a bit of tests to fine tune everything and the numbers may go down some, but I get a bit anxious on having to deal with failed prints in the tray as some pieces do not want to come off.

Extra tip, reboot after every print, not sure if it’s a problem with my resin cartridge but I’ve had my prints double in print time and a reboot fixed the problem.

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That sounds totally epic and I can understand the gunshyness about failed prints, combing through the resin to find the parts…no fun.

The auto gen is under supporting models I take it?

Well, the combing part isn’t actually the issue it’s more of the dealing with small parts that won’t let go of the tray. That is correct about the auto-gen, though your situations may vary due to what you’re planning on printing. I work on miniatures so pushing the machine to the limits is almost required to print out high quality models with supports that don’t interfere too much. Either way, a firmware update can throw all these configurations out the window so it’s just a matter of what works now with the current iteration until things change for the better or possibly the worse depending on your optimization.

I’m going to use it for 1/144 scale sci-fi parts for casting…so yeah I feel ya mate.

I’ve been using 0.3 at 100% density for all my prints at 100um and in various resins. I actually feel like it could go lower but I haven’t taken the chance at trying yet.

Is anyone else out there printing with 0.2 or 0.25mm regularly?