Castable Wax 40 print failure

I just tried my first print with Castable Wax 40. New tank, new cartridge. I’m making a copy of my relatively thick wedding band. The file I sent to the printer has 4 copies of my ring oriented different ways just to see which one printed best. Well, none of them. 3 are missing entirely, and the 4th (oriented vertical) was kinda half there.

I can think of two things to try next-

  1. larger contact points for the supports
  2. firmware update for the printer. My firmware might be 1 version behind. Castable Wax 40 is relatively new, so maybe FL has tweaked the laser recipe.

What else should I try?

Hi @dar5000,

I’m so sorry that you’re having trouble! As a first step, I’d recommend checking the age of your resin—it may have expired! All Formlabs resins have a shelf life of 12-24 months, and if your resin is past this date, you will not experience optimal results.

Your ideas of increasing the contact point for the supports and updating the firmware on your printer are also great. Formlabs is continuously updating and improving our resin profiles for optimal results, so updating the firmware is always a good idea. Additionally, increasing the contact points of the supports will give the print a greater chance of success, as it is less likely that parts will break off as they did in your print.

Lastly, if you’re still having trouble, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team. We have a dedicated person on the team for resolving dental and jewelry issues, and they are very experienced with our castable wax resin. They’ll be happy to help resolve this issue and get you back to printing successfully!