Cartridge mismatch over ride

Hi all,

The cartridge and the tank are all castable wax, and the tank is programmed to be castable wax, but somehow the printer disagrees !

Could you please advise on how to over ride this?

See attached pics.


Hi @Abood123,

Thank you for getting in touch. Please double check the resin type of the print job in PreForm, which you can select in the Job Setup panel in the top right. Otherwise, you can double check the resin type the tank is programmed to via Reprogramming a resin tank (Form 3/Form 3B).


Both the resin tank and the type of resin are selected to be cast wax.

Now this is driving me nuts, lol, any other suggestions please?


Never mind, Found an empty old cartridge and refill it with this one, problem solved.

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