Castable Resin . Problems Form 3

hi all
I have “Castable Resin” why can’t I print 3d ? I have a FORM 3 printer
Tank v2.1

Hello @Malai ,

I believe that the Castable Resin is no longer available in PreForm as we made the switch to two other Castable Resin types: Castable Wax, and Castable Wax 40. If you check the lot number sticker on the bottom of the cartridge, this should tell you when the cartridge was manufactured along with a rough estimate of how long the resin will be usable.

Depending on when and where you bought your resin (from a reseller, for example) you might be able to get it replaced with one of these current versions of our Castable Wax resins. However, if this has been sitting around for a long time, then there might not be an option to do so. You can contact our Support Team to see if they have some options for you in the case of a recent purchase.