Will ever be Castable resin for Form 3

I would like to know if its preparing Castable resin for Form 3. Right know I am using Castable wax resin but companies where I casting these prints are saying that they need totally diffrent way to cast this prints. So is there a chance that Castable resin will ever come to Form 3?

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I have the same question. I bought the printer with the idea of casting jewelry but the resin does not really work. I am very disappointed and there is no answer. Customers need a quick answer.

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Hi @Brisingr,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post!

Castable V2 Resin itself is considered a legacy resin, so it will not be compatible with Form 3. However, future castable resins are planned for Form 3 that will meet the needs of Castable V2 users.

Until then, you may want to look at our updated recommended casters page for casters who are certified in Castable Wax Resin.

@DKirch thanks for this. Could you explain the reasons to maintain Castable Wax and another Castable resin (“that meeds the needs of Castable V2 users”)? I am not sure I understand the advantages/disadvantages between these two…

thank you for reply. I would like to know when will this castable resin comming out. I am form Slovakia so I dont have any chance to get to certificated casters. I am willing to go to beta testing for this new castable resin, is there chance that you do this beta testing?

Thank you very much for informations.