Cartridge is recognized but won't work

I’ve inserted a brand new Dental Clear cartridge in my Form 3 and it detects it. Now, I’m about to print something but when I get to “Consumable Wizard” it says: insert cartridge: Model V2.

Consumable Wizard Stats:

1 (Red) Insert Cartridge: Model V2

2 (Blue) Insert Build Platform

3 (Blue) Insert Tank: Model V2

Must I buy a V1 tank in order to use it with the resin, can I bypass it somehow?


Hi @TheShoemaker,

I would double check the resin type of your print job in PreForm. It sounds like the print job may have been set to Model V2 rather than Dental LT Clear. If the issue persists, getting in touch with our Support Team will be the best way to narrow this down.